Sintesi di quanto deciso nel ISO/PC 283 meeting di Malacca del 18-23 Settembre 2017:

  • It has been stated that the group have met for the last time. The final decision on the next steps rests with ISO, but the Committee and the Secretariat need to determine if there have been technical changes. If not it would seem to indicate they could move to publish the standard possibly in first Quarter 2018. It is quite possible that no Final DIS will be created and the new standard will be published in its present form with amendments.
  • In addition ISO 17021 p10 which is a Technical Specification for “Competence Requirements for Auditing and Certification of OHSMS” will be published at the same time as ISO 45001.
  • Also a draft standard ISO 19011 “Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems” is being balloted.
  • Furthermore annex SL the high level structure determines the shape of Integrated Management Systems, so 45001 must be closely aligned to it, thus making integration with 9001/14001 easier.
  • OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn on publication of ISO 45001, but users need to be supported so it should be made available for three years after 45001 publication, giving a transitional period to achieve the new requirements. A migration planning guide will be available for this transition.