The operational management of a company achieves effective results when it operates in tune with the company’s strategic approach; it is therefore necessary to adopt a series of tools capable of measuring the company’s performance and not only its economic-financial performance.

The managerial complexity of a company requires the choice of tools to help company managers analyse the internal situation and evaluate the decisions to be taken. Losing sight of management control and the medium and long term vision risks compromising the future of one’s own company.

Through management control, company management is able to obtain useful and up-to-date information to control their activities in real time and build medium to long term plans.

Budget &FinanceControl

Adopt instruments capable of measuring business performance!


  • Business planning
  • Project financing
  • Credit risk management (schema CRMS FP 07:2015)
  • Analisi degli indici economici e patrimoniali

Control & Management

  • Budget control systems
  • Controllo di gestione
  • Sistemi di contabilità analitica e industriale
  • Reporting

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