The Oikos Area business lines are designed to offer our partners an invaluable means of achieving their environmental, social and economic sustainability goals.

We provide:

  • Management and technical consultancy
  • Audits and compliance checks
  • Training and development of human resources

22 years' market presence

2 operational sites

100% private shareholding

Oikos Educational

A series of meetings, webinars, training courses and workshops that will help you develop and consolidate your professional knowledge, and sometimes prepare you for change by anticipating innovations of the context in which we move


Focus On

Solutions and proposals to anticipate innovation and change in your organisation

Diagnosi energetica 2023

Il 2023 è l’anno in cui la maggior parte delle grandi imprese e delle aziende a forte consumo di energia dovranno eseguire una nuova diagnosi energetica ai sensi del Dlgs.102/2014 (obbligatoria ogni…

The solution is there

TINA is the solution that can meet any heating or cooling need, from individual private building to industrial reality. Tina is a natural heat generator with unique performance and no emissions into…


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